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Effective August 1st my pricing will change from a la carte to package pricing. All appointments before this date will fall under my a la carte pricing.

Package pricing:

Makes booking and payment less complicated and more convenient by allowing you to book your appointment online and establishing predictable pricing.

Creates a robust service package to make sure your hair always looks its best. 

Ensures your look is maintained regularly which will ultimately eliminate corrective services.

Maintains the health of your hair  so it can look its best in between appointments.

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Extension pricing remains the same under my a la carte pricing

Salon policies:


All appointments require a card on file for booking. If booking through my website a card is required to complete the appointment request. Please keep in mind appointments have to be approved once submitted. Once approved you will receive a text  confirming your appointment has been accepted. If an appointment is declined I will reach out to you via text. If an appointment is booked in person or via text a square contract will be emailed. Please upload a card on file to the contract as soon as possible. One reminder email will be sent if the contract is not signed and the appointment will be cancelled if you fail to complete the contract within 48 hours of booking the appointment.  To check if you have a valid card on file you can log onto your square account using your phone number on my booking site. 


Appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice will result in a 50% cancelation fee.  Canceled consultations not within the 48 hour time frame will result in a $50 cancelation fee. All sparkle appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice will result in a 100% cancelation fee for amount of sparkles booked.

Late policy:

If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment you will not receive a style. If you are 30 minutes or more late to you appointment you will be marked as a no show and cancellation fees will apply. 

Consultations and sparkle appointments are such small appointment times. If you cannot make it on time please contact me and we will reschedule your appointment. Cancellation fees will apply.

Guests / Phones:

Please do not bring anyone to your appointment. We strive to provide services in a comfortable and relaxing environment for each guest. If child care is not arranged you will be asked to reschedule and cancellation fees will apply. Please do not bring anyone to your appointment who is not receiving a service. Our salon is small and we try to keep noise levels for our esthetician to a minimum. 

Please bring earbud headphones to your appointments. Many of our guests work reomtely and we do ask that you listen to meetings, music, or social media using headphones to ensure a relaxing experience for each guest.  

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